Let’s Get Together

The Miracles Baby Foundation and Life’s Little Treasures Foundation organise play and support groups for parents and children.

Miracle Babies Foundation

Miracle Babies Foundation NurtureGroups are free play and support groups for families who have experienced the birth of a premature or sick newborn. They welcome all NICU and SCN families.

They offer a safe and secure environment for children 0 to 6 years who have been Little baby girl on hands and knees at play time challenged by prematurity or sickness in which they can learn and develop through play, whilst offering families ongoing parent support after leaving the safety of a NICU/SCN.

Parents and carers can exchange ideas on parenting, tackle medical issues, share stories, build support networks, form friendships and ease the isolation that can often be felt by families of premature and sick newborns.


Life’s Little Treasures

The Life’s Little Treasures Foundation organises Treasure Time Playgroups at various venues.  This is a great opportunity for parents with premature babies to have a cuppa and chat and meet other parents in a similar situation. All venues are free of charge and siblings/grandparents are welcome to come along.

Come along and see what else we can offer. Looking forward to seeing you there.

If you require further details or would like to be placed on the register to receive updates on a particular group then you can:

Call us on: 1300 mypremmie


Victorian Infant Collaboration Study

Victorian Infant Collaboration Study