Kate Callanan, Premature Infant Follow Up Coordinator, retired in April 2017 after 28 years of service at the Royal Women’s Hospital. Kate was pivotal in caring for research participants and their families who are enrolled in preterm follow up research studies. Her major project was the Victorian Infant Collaborative Study.

VICS has always reported very high follow up rates. Kate’s input is a major reason why VICS has such high follow up rates for the Royal Women’s Hospital participants. She would go above and beyond to care for these participating infants and their families, forming very close bonds with them over many years. Her care, understanding and compassion extended not only to families but also to the many staff she has worked with.

Kate will be missed by her colleagues in the Research Department and research participants and their families.

We wish Kate a very happy and fulfilling retirement.

Some photos of Retirement morning tea and Dinner celebrated by Kate and many of her colleagues, family and friends.

Victorian Infant Collaboration Study

Victorian Infant Collaboration Study